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Donate Money

Who Will My Donation Benefit?

Nearly 90% of our financial resources directly benefit the people we serve. (The remaining resources fund our essential administrative operations.)

Where Does My Donation Go?                                 

Your gift will stay right here in West Alabama, making it possible for us not only to continue our existing programs but to develop new services as needs arise. Because of this strong support from the community, HOWA has always been able to care for patients and families, regardless of their ability to pay. Donations from the community enable HOWA to provide the highest level of care to all our patients and their families. There are those who have no insurance, but even those that do have insurance, sometimes their insurance does not cover all of the cost of their care.

How Will My Donation Be Used?

Community donations enable our staff to go into homes and tell patients and their families that “we will do whatever it takes to get you and your family through this.” This also enables Hospice of West Alabama to provide many things, such as:

  • Care for patients that do not have insurance or perhaps their insurance does not cover hospice
  • Care for patients whose needs exceed their insurance coverage
  • Necessities, such as food and personal care items, for patients that are not able to afford them
  • Safety interventions, such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, wheelchair ramps, etc., for patients that need them
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas food boxes for patients and their families that are not able to obtain the things they need for a holiday dinner
  • Free bereavement counseling services to anyone in the community
  • Monthly bereavement support groups
  • Community events such as HOWA’s annual End of Life Forum and Night of Lights
  • Community outreach and continuing education credits for nurses and social workers

How Can I Make a Donation?


To make a donation online click here and complete the requested information then click the Submit Donation button.

  • Print out the gift form to mail.
  • When making a memorial contribution, please tell us:
    o    Name of the deceased
    o    Your name
    o    Your address
    o    Your daytime phone number
    o    Name and address of deceased person’s family member (so that we can notify them of the gift you make in memory of their loved one)
  • Please be sure to write legibly
  • Make checks payable to: Hospice of West Alabama
  • Mail to: Hospice of West Alabama, 3851 Loop Road, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

There are many ways to include us in your retirement and estate planning that can provide income and tax advantages to you now, while at the same time helping to secure the future of Hospice of West Alabama. Provide for HOWA in the future with a deferred or planned gift – a gift you designate for the agency to receive such as a bequest, trust, annuity, or insurance policy. We invite you to explore these options with your attorney and financial adviser, then give us a call at 205-523-0101.


Encourage your company or organization to host or sponsor a special fundraising event. Current and past fundraising events include motorcycle rides, golf tournaments, bridal expos, a variety of sales, and more.

How Will My Donation Be Recognized?

Your contribution can be as personal and unique as you choose. When making a donation in memory or honor of someone, HOWA will send an acknowledgement card on your behalf to whomever you choose. You also have the option of purchasing a leaf on the Tree of Life for $250 or a Brick Paver for $250/$500, to be displayed at the Helen H. Hahn House, HOWA’s facility located on the campus of the Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center.

As we are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit agency, your donation is tax deductible, and there may be further tax advantages with carefully planned giving. For more information about these and other giving opportunities, contact Hospice of West Alabama at 205-523-0101, toll-free at 1-877-362-7522, or stop by our facility.